Haumea Fertility Blend

Haumea Fertility Blend

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Fertility blend, herbs to assist the libido and nourishing for the womb. To help maintain a health reproductive system.

Motherwort: great for fatigue, menstrual regulator, cramps, effective on fibroids and polyps

Raspberry Leaf: Strengthens and tones to uterine and pelvic muscles, and is a pelvic and uterine relaxant

Lavender: Antiseptic and a soothing antispasmodic, sedative, relaxing for nervous system, kills bacteria and fungus.

Rose: Cooling, disinfects, reduces inflammation, deodorizes, relaxing and uplifting, astringent to the tissues of the genitals

Calendula: Cleansing, reduces inflammation.

Ashwagandha: Anti-cancer Properties, Anti-inflammatory, good kidney tonic, mild calming the mind and relieve anxiety and insomnia, positive impact on the thyroid gland and hormones.

Witch Hazel: Astringing, Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, tonic, reduces bleeding nourishes and moves blood, dries damp/stops discharges, good for hemorrhoids

Red Clover: Nourishing, disinfects, help improve circulation

Sage: Promotes circulation, disinfects, deodorizes, kills bacteria and fungus.

Nettle: nutrients to the skin, reduces inflammation, disinfects.

Milk thistle: Anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, liver tonic, help remove stagnation, helps with menstrual cramps, helps with heavy menses

Each packet of herbs 80gms in weight, plus postage on all products.